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Innovation brings more value when applied with responsibility. Our pragmatic expertise and experience makes our design solution robust, scalable and future-proof to accommodate technology evolution and business growth. We Make the design process smooth and simple, by listening to you, analyzing the situation and then suggesting the solution that empowers you to make key decisions.

  • ICT Strategy
  • Integrated communication infrastructure
  • Optimize the ICT Investment / RoI

Infrastructure Assessment

ICT Network assessment is the exercise that keep an eye on your network’s health. We treat this far more than just a testing activity, in-fact this is an opportunity to avoid un-planned downtime and better prepare the network to run upcoming technology applications.

  •  Streamline the resources – brining the balance of your “needs and wants” that justify resource allocations, utilizations and ultimately their business performance.
  • Discover bottlenecks that can turn into failures – preventing the outage by spotting the “hot-spot” by raising the flag helps securing the business.
  • Find Vulnerabilities – check the security systems for any liabilities and suggest the fixing strategy to avoid any operational hassle.

Structured Cabling

  • Structured cabling system is the heart of any organization’s network – connecting all the devices needed to run the business. Wired or Wireless, both need a robust foundation of network. In the increasingly connected world, Reliable connectivity has become the necessity and, the telecommunications infrastructure has become the “fourth utility” of the business (along with electricity, water, and HVAC)


  • A state of the art standards compliant cabling system can future-proof your network and guarantee continued application support. When properly deployed and managed, this will have enhanced longevity of the infrastructure and guaranteed business continuity.
  • Covenant expertise and experience makes us an obvious choice for design and consultancy for the structured connectivity systems. We design innovative, complex cabling and network solutions to provide a robust platform on which a resilient IT infrastructure can be built.
  • Hi-speed network cabling
  • Offices, industrial networks, Data Center and   Outside Plant Cabling
  • Wired and Wireless communications
  • Global Best Practices. Solution Exceeding Standards
  • Easy Documentation

Network Systems

  • Organizations expects a powerful communication platform, to strongly support the convergence of data, voice, video and mobile communications in a secure and integrated architecture. Latest technological advancements demand the network infrastructure to be rock-hard, yet scalable and secure. It’s the revenue center of businesses today. Be it a fixed or mobile network, our networking consultants define the network strategy and support the conversion of this to reality through design and specification.
  • Unified communication
  • Mobility
  • LAN / WAN
  • Fast & Secure Network Scalable Architecture Converged Infrastructure

Electronic Safety & Security

  • The new generation building ICT infrastructure integrates with services like Surveillance, Video Management, Analytics, Access Control, Perimeter Security, Fire Safety & Building Management Systems. Today’s digital Building Management systems have come a long way from traditional (device focused) proprietary arrangements to IP based ELV systems that run on Converged Network. Presently, the paradigm has started shifting towards converged collaboration where focus is on “Applications”.
  • Our expertise in IP, ELV and BMS with specialized skill sets has boosted our confidence to design the SMART “Safety and Security” solutions.
  • Our solutions cover the complete security lifecycle, from strategy through to due diligence, design, implementation and ongoing support. Our understanding of the convergence of IT and Physical Security Builds a unique capability in our team to provide our clients fully comprehensive and advanced security solutions.
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Alarm and Detection
  • IP Everywhere Digital Security Converged Collaboration

Data Centers

  • A central repository, Data center is the data processing and storage center. Increased efficiency is becoming more and more important as data-intense applications come online. With this, data center rack space, cable pathways, Power & cooling, installation, maintenance and risk avoidance become increasingly important considerations when planning and designing the data center.
  • Covenantplays a key role bridging the gap between Facilities & IT Managers. Data Center systems are operated very differently from general office systems. Many times, the DC decisions (taken independently) are seem to make a lot of sense, but go against good engineering principles and practices, resulting in poor Data Center performance.
  • We understand the Data Center inside out and help DC customers on all aspects of design consultancy that includes,
  • Electrical Systems
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Power Systems & Distribution
  • Mechanical systems
    • Air Conditioning
    • Cooling – IT Systems
  • Space Planning and Architectural Considerations
  • Fire Protection & Physical Security
    • Life Safety Systems
  • Telecommunications and Network systems
    • Carrier Services
    • Copper. Fiber Optic Cabling & Pathways
    • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Reliability Availability Efficiency     Scalability

Audio-Visual Systems

  • Audiovisual technology changes how people communicate and experience the word. The increased convergence between AV and IT is the current trend that blends the techniques and tools used by IT departments with high definition AV systems.
  • This demands the skillsets, tools and processes of IT deployments with a focus on delivering quality audio, cable management and the integration of IT systems with AV components.

    Covenant provides the winning combination of AV and IT.

    In AV, our endeavor is to identify how technology can enhance the workplace and propose personalized solutions that perfectly match the user’s unique environmental requirements. With the priority to design systems that are reliable and simple to operate, we focus on the flexibility to accommodate future change and technological advances.

      • Meeting, Conference Rooms & Board Rooms
      • Executive Briefing Centers
      • Classrooms and Training Rooms

Fire Detection

  • Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues faced by facilities. We understand the challenges and legal requirements you face, as well as your need to speed response times, mitigate risk and deliver performance improvements.

Covenant provides options for fire alarm system integration based on your needs and goals. Your fire and life safety solutions can remain standalone applications, or they can be integrated with your other building management systems — including security, HVAC and access systems — into a single, scalable platform, providing better monitoring and control of your facility, while protecting your investments and helping reduce costs.

    • Addressable and Conventional fire alarm systems
    • Smoke, heat and fire detection
    • VESDA systems
    • Integrated Public Address systems with voice evacuation announcements.
    • Emergency communications
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